Weekend in Riga

riga art nouveau

It’s impossible to be bored in Riga, especially at the weekend when you’ve got a smorgasbord of brunches, exhibitions, markets, festivals and concerts to choose from. Yes, this can lead to serious bouts of FOMO but then there’s always next weekend… Last year I pledged to share ideas for weekend adventures outside Riga but I couldn’t […]

Falafel in Riga

If, like me, you are partial to enjoying the occasional falafel wrap, may this list of falafel shops in Riga serve you well! Pakistānas kebabs These guys would know a Carolina Reaper from a jalapeno, they know the definition of hot. When they tell you not to choose the hot sauce, take their advice. It’s […]

Cocktail bars in Riga

Ok, so we all know craft beer was/is a big thing. Correct me if I’m wrong but the next “revolution” in the bar world is cocktails again, right? Replacing commercially produced syrup and additives with homemade infusions, bitters and tinctures, focusing on flavours rather than over-the-top visual presentation. It now seems completely normal to have […]

Pizza in Riga

Latvians haven’t taken to pizza quite as much as our southern neighbours. You’d be forgiven for thinking Čili Pica and Charlie Pizza, both Lithuanian chains, are the only places for pizza in Riga since they’ve snapped up some of the best real estate in town in terms of getting passing traffic. But look ever so […]

Cycling in Riga

Ask any local and they will have an opinion on cycling in Riga. There are violent pedestrians who push cyclists off pavements, drivers that toot their horns dare a cyclist cross their path, and daredevil cyclists weaving their way through rush hour traffic without a helmet. There are also the pacifist cyclists, pedestrians and drivers […]

Best coffee in Riga

Would you rather be late to work than miss out on your first Aeropress of the day? Do you cringe at the idea of pouring boiling water over your favourite fairtrade, organic Ethiopian blend? Would you be offended or embarrassed if your friend rocked up cradling a Starbucks Frappuccino? Have you ever received a coffee-related […]

Latvians & Mushrooms – A Not-So-Secret Love Affair

Anyone who is privileged enough to be friends with a Latvian or two on Facebook may have noticed that over the past month, the usual slew of cringe-inducing baby photos, screaming goat videos and ice-bucket mishaps were replaced by unfathomable mountains of mushrooms, hand-picked, fresh and displayed in various assortments, next to proud pickers with […]

Alternative Dining In Riga: Off The Beaten Menu #02

Round two of our hunt for decent food in Riga’s low-key eateries. Cepelīns, Riga Central Market We had a predictably Latvian and truly unremarkable meal at Cepelīns but it was really cheap and I guess that’s the main (or perhaps the only) reason people flock here to stuff their faces at feeding time. One sunny […]

Alternative Dining In Riga: Off The Beaten Menu

There’s more to the Riga food scene than the city centre restaurants and hipster haunts, gaining an increasing amount of international coverage. Look a little further off the beaten track and you’ll find genuinely cheap and cheerful bistro-type places where the average Latvian might go for a casual bite to eat or even just a […]

Trendy Cafés in Riga

Edit: It would seem testament to Riga’s constantly shifting landscape, that our article on relatively “new” cafes is now sorely out of date. All in the space of just a couple of years. Mākonis now resides at Stabu iela 42, out of the quaint side streets and into the city at large, but with a […]