Alternative Dining In Riga: Off The Beaten Menu #02

Round two of our hunt for decent food in Riga’s low-key eateries. Cepelīns, Riga Central Market We had a predictably Latvian and truly unremarkable meal at Cepelīns but it was really cheap and I guess that’s the main (or perhaps the only) reason people flock here to stuff their faces at feeding time. One sunny […]

Alternative Dining In Riga: Off The Beaten Menu

There’s more to the Riga food scene than the city centre restaurants and hipster haunts, gaining an increasing amount of international coverage. Look a little further off the beaten track and you’ll find genuinely cheap and cheerful bistro-type places where the average Latvian might go for a casual bite to eat or even just a […]

Being Vegetarian In Latvia

Since traditionally, Latvia is a meat-loving nation, many menus reflect this love of meat. So, being vegetarian in this meat lovers’ paradise has historically proven to be disappointing if you enjoy eating out. However, the last few years have brought positive change! It’s now easy for vegetarians to satisfy their tastebuds outside the home. And […]

Lunch in Riga

Don’t be put off by the signs advertising what seems like a “complex lunch”. A common sight in Riga, there’s nothing complex about it. Kompleksās pusdienas are set lunches and most often consist of soup, a main course and dessert or a drink. Since the name doesn’t even sound too appealing in Latvian, many trendier […]