Trendy Cafés in Riga

Edit: It would seem testament to Riga’s constantly shifting landscape, that our article on relatively “new” cafes is now sorely out of date. All in the space of just a couple of years. Mākonis now resides at Stabu iela 42, out of the quaint side streets and into the city at large, but with a […]

Being Vegetarian In Latvia

A classic scenario: my colleagues and I venture downstairs to the new cafe at work. For them it’s an easy choice between chicken and two pork dishes, the three dishes of the day. You’d think a brand new cafe would cater to all sorts, alas vegetarians (and pescatarians) are clearly not welcome here so I […]

Lunch in Riga

Don’t be put off by the signs advertising what seems like a “complex lunch”. A common sight in Riga, there’s nothing complex about it. “Kompleksās pusdienas” are set lunches and most often consist of soup, a main course and dessert or a drink. Since the name doesn’t even sound too appealing in Latvian, many trendier […]