Latvians & Mushrooms – A Not-So-Secret Love Affair

Anyone who is privileged enough to be friends with a Latvian or two on Facebook may have noticed that over the past month, the usual slew of cringe-inducing baby photos, screaming goat videos and ice-bucket mishaps were replaced by unfathomable mountains of mushrooms, hand-picked, fresh and displayed in various assortments, next to proud pickers with […]

The Weather In Latvia

There is a wonderful phrase in Scotland that we use when it’s cold. When the wind blows a howling gale through the streets, when the rain lashes down and when the temperature dips below zero, as it so often does in winter. “It’s absolutely Baltic today” It was a phrase that I would often use, […]

How To Survive Winter In Latvia

For those in Latvia, it’s been a cold last few weeks but this is nothing out of the ordinary. What’s extraordinary is how long we had to wait for winter to arrive. Usually, temperatures would have slipped to well under 0 by late October to mid November. In 2013/2014 we had to wait until mid […]