Out Of The City

More day trips from Riga

Combine a Riga city break with a day trip to the Latvian countryside! Ogres Zilie kalni nature park Unbelievably close to Riga is an utter paradise for nature lovers. Roam through the woods along a series of paths, climb the viewing tower for sprawling views over the forest and a landscape damaged by Soviet blocks […]

Day trips from Riga

There is so much more to Latvia than Riga and it’s a shame that many travellers overlook this in favour of a quick weekend city break. But even us residents often forget how many amazing little adventures lie right on our doorstep. Latvia is the perfect size for weekend expeditions, be it for the full […]

Weekend away from Riga: Tallinn

One of the things I love the most about living in Rīga is that we really are in the heart of the Baltics. Vilnius and Tallinn are literally just a 4 hour bus ride away, and boy do Lux Express buses make the time fly quicker than any low cost airline. Instead of getting crammed […]

Weekend away from Riga: Cēsis

Life in Rīga wouldn’t be complete without the occasional journey outside the city to one of Latvia’s many charming small towns. One of them – Cēsis – is a particular favourite of ours. In fact, if I were a singer-songwriter, I’d write a serenade to Cēsis in a heartbeat, so charming do I find this […]

Where Do Rigans Go at the Weekend?

Shopping centres would be a valid answer but we’re going to take a look at a very different place to escape to: lauki, the idyllic Latvian countryside. Come Friday afternoon from 3pm until about 7pm any road leading out of Riga sees heavy traffic as city dwellers pack into their cars to relocate to their […]