Moving to Latvia: Māra & Daniele’s story

Māra is a Latvian who identifies herself as a third culture kid. Daniele is Italian. They met while working in Brussels and now call Latvia their home. Our entire conversation was in Latvian, it’s taken Daniele just one year to learnt it fluently. Kudos! We spoke about the practical and emotional aspects of moving to […]

Buying Property in Latvia

Or things that I have learned while trying to find my ideal property in Riga and buying it. No one property purchase is ever quite the same and purchase agreements vary greatly so be advised this is not a foolproof guide! However, I do believe this information will come in handy to anyone who felt […]

Neighbourhoods in Riga 01

We haven’t had the privilege to spend time in every single neighbourhood in Riga, and we certainly don’t feel qualified to comment on the unique features of each of them. So, to give you an impression of what each Riga neighbourhood is like and which one to choose, we spoke to some locals who were […]

Schools in Riga

(Updated in April 2017) If you’re moving to Riga with your kids in tow, you’ll want to know a bit about the local school scene before deciding on “the right one”. Schools in Riga are very different so you might not want to just settle for the one closest to your new home. The first […]

Moving to Latvia – A Checklist & Simple Process

I moved to Latvia from the UK (Scotland specifically) a few months ago, and I felt a few points in the process were worth noting for people who are thinking about doing the same. This guide should help those who feel they would like to relocate to Latvia. It’s not a post to convince you […]