Shops & Markets

What to Buy at Riga Central Market

A shopping list for your next outing to Riga Central Market, certainly our favourite place to shop in Riga. Donuts Why? Because despite being the grumpiest vendor in the dairy pavilion, that little woman fries up the freshest, tastiest virtuļi you’ll taste this side of Riga. Where? Directly to your left upon entering the dairy […]

Latvian Ice Cream Is Amazing

On 2 January, 2014 Estonia’s then-president Ilves journeyed to an unassuming Latvian town just south of the border. His goal? To buy something in euros! We’d just adopted the currency. Media followed Ilves into the local supermarket so that Latvians across the land could see him fork out on a tub of Rūjienas saldējums, the […]

Online Shopping in Latvia

Since moving into the new home, Alex and I have spent a LOT of time browsing both bricks and mortar furniture shops, and their online counterparts. At times I’ve been on the verge of tears – coming to a standstill mid-shop-floor surrounded by an odd mix of blinged up, faux Rococo sofa sets, plastic chandeliers, […]

Useful Addresses In Riga: International Food

Shock horror, your local Riga supermarket isn’t guaranteed to have an ethnic food section! And there’s no Asian supermarket as of yet. So what do you do when you crave a kickass korma or desire a decent dhal? Well, you could just visit the one-and-only Stockpot bistro that rates its food on a scale of […]

Useful Addresses In Riga: For Renovating Your Home

Renovating a property in Rīga? You’ll find there are a whole host of massive hardware stores for pretty much everything, as well as smaller specialist shops for articles like sink fittings and paint. If you live out of town and don’t have access to a bricks and mortar store, there are also a number of […]

Clothes Shopping In Riga

Just like any European capital city, Riga has its fair share of generic high street stores including the likes of Zara, Oasis and Bershka. To the delight of many, 2012 saw the arrival of H&M. FYI, Riga is not home to any Primark stores. Any bags you see have been imported. To spend your evening […]

Cheese In Latvia

Cheese in Latvia is like the weather in the UK. Mostly slightly bland, often a little disappointing, but every so often it’s truly wonderful and you forget all the bad experiences, even if it is just for a day or two. If you’re even half as excited about cheese as I am, then you may […]

Local Markets In Latvia

Latvians love a market. I’m not talking the well-known central market here (although that counts for something, and it is pretty special). I’m talking about smaller farmers or local product markets. It often feels like when a space frees up in Latvia, the authorities come along and have a discussion. “Do you think we could […]

At The Supermarket in Latvia

Supermarkets can be challenging, hilarious and often quite fun in foreign countries, and luckily Latvia is no different. There is the usual range of products you’ve probably never seen. The notable absence of products you’ve bought your entire life, and some fun things to discover along the way. Latvians are very fond of their own […]