About Us

Life in Riga is a blog designed to help you move to, live in, appreciate and understand Latvia, its capital city Riga and residents.

The blog was created by two Riga locals from a varied background, who feel they’re at least somewhat equipped to give you an understanding of and insight into what life is like in this cultural north-eastern European city.

Life in Riga should serve as more than just a tourist guide. Expect tales of venturing into uncharted bureaucratic territory at Latvian passport offices, tickling taste buds at dingy neighbourhood cafeterias and saving up all summer to fund your winter heating bills.

This is the real, unpolished Riga.

Lelde Benke
Lelde is a 29-year-old Latvian and a copywriter of sorts, fortunate enough to have lived in Riga, Melbourne, Edinburgh, Brussels and Quebec City. She works in tourism marketing promoting Latvia to people who have a vague idea of where it is and what it’s all about. Lelde’s posts.

Alex Cowles
Alex was a Riga local between 2013 and 2016. He is a Scottish-born designer and musician. Alex’s posts. Note, Alex no longer contributes to the blog.