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Day Trips from Riga 2

Combine a city break with a day trip from Riga! We’ve got some less standard options for you that won’t involve rubbing shoulders with dozens of fellow tourists at the Baltics’ largest Baroque palace, or queuing for a photo of the Gauja River Valley. Ogres Zilie kalni nature park Unbelievably close to Riga is an […]

Day Trips From Riga

It’s a shame that so many travellers overlook what lies outside Riga in favour of a weekend city break. In way less than an hour you could find yourself diving into a swamp lake or enjoying a high-end rural dining experience. We’re happy to recommend some day trips from Riga! Bog shoeing For a while […]

Latvia In Photos 02

It’s been over a year since our first “Latvia In Photos” post, so we felt it was probably time we had another round of images for you. From last Winter’s “chain of books” event, to a recent spring day in Liepāja, here’s a few images to show you it’s not all Riga’s old-town and the […]

Weekend Trip From Riga: Cēsis

Life in Rīga wouldn’t be complete without the occasional weekend trip from Riga to one of Latvia’s charming small towns. One of them – Cēsis – is a particular favourite. If I were a singer-songwriter, I’d write a serenade to Cēsis in a heartbeat. It’s the kind of town where the local newspaper (Druva) still […]

Latvia In Photos 01

It’s all fine and dandy writing all these informative posts about bank accounts, what to get at the supermarket, and which forms to fill out when you visit the PMLP but there is also a lot to be said about appreciating the aesthetic side to Latvia. Almost half of the country is covered in forest […]