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I, the blog’s founder Lelde Beņķe-Lungeviča, am a Riga-based writer with a focus on stories about people and places. I combine an education in journalism with a professional background in marketing and communications in the travel and architecture industries.

Hire me to

  • tell your story through captivating articles, website, brochure and social media content,
  • identify content gaps and story opportunities,
  • edit and enhance your existing content for better results.

I feel most confident working with clients in the tourism, lifestyle and culture sectors.

Drop me a line at hello(at)lifeinriga.com to discuss how I can contribute to your goals!

See samples of my writing

on LSM.lv – the Public broadcasting of Latvia:

on 3SeasEurope.com – a platform of the Three Seas Iniative:

on Labs of Latvia – the platform for science, innovation and business news from Latvia:

and on Deep Baltic – a platform for travel and culture-related stories from the Baltics:

I’ve also contributed to:

I also deliver quality LV > EN translations

Happy to work with non-scientific and non-legal texts, and I prefer small scale projects. Translating fiction isn’t really my thing. Marketing copy, product and event descriptions, culture and travel-related texts are my cup of tea.

Here’s what some clients and partners have to say

“Lelde helped me develop new texts for the Latvian Culture Canon website on various Latvian culture highlights in English especially crafted for English-speaking audiences interested in learning about Latvian culture. She is an excellent writer and storyteller! She was also punctual, easy to work and communicate with, very responsive and listening! I recommend working with Lelde, and she has definitely become a contact of mine to contact when a good, reliable writer, translator or communicator is needed!”

Dagnija Baltiņa, Director of Department at National Library of Latvia

“I worked with Lelde for my first photobook Homeland. The Longest Village in the Country. It was such a great collaboration in terms of timing, communication, response, deadlines and quality. She has an absolutely great feel for the language, especially for more complicated texts, such as poems. She’s a native English speaker who lives in Latvia, and I would highly recommend her services!”

George Avetisyan, Photographer

“Lelde is a great and rare example of a responsible creative. I had the opportunity to work with her for three years on various projects. I was always inspired by her devotion and energetic approach to handling projects of a different scale. She’s structured and accurate when it comes to handling deadlines, procedures, logistics and concrete tasks. At the same time Lelde is great with coming up with new initiatives, sensing the relevant trends and applying them to the projects she’s working on, making them stand out and caring about the results they bring to the company. While being part of the same organisation, I saw Lelde deliver many successful content marketing and influencer marketing campaigns at the time when nobody really used the term ‘influencer’ yet in Latvia. I definitely recommend her as a professional and passionate colleague.”

Līna Ivanova, Digital Marketing Specialist

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