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We welcome your feedback and topic suggestions, invitations, pitches and media requests!

You can email us at hello[at], but please go over the guidelines below first.

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We’re open to publishing guest posts by authors who live or have lived in Riga. If you’d like to contribute to the blog, run your idea past us by email. Unfortunately, we’re unable to pay for guest posts.

Media Requests

We’re happy to chat but do ask that any questions or requests are relevant to the content and overarching theme of the blog.

Since launching the blog, we’ve spoken to several journalists and seen our names appear in some exciting titles. We also got to star in an episode of House Hunters International!

Here are some examples of where we’ve been featured so far.

How You Can Support Us

Life in Riga is a largely self-funded initiative. If you like what we do, if you have learnt or gained something new through reading the blog or following us on social media, say thanks! We’ve started a coffee and maintenance fund to help cover the costs of hosting the domain, technical maintenance and staying up-to-date with Riga’s event and food scene. Donate here! Cheers.

Partner with Us

Get in touch to discuss collaborations, such as sponsored posts and reviews. Ask and we’ll send you a media kit with information about our audience.

For us to collaborate, a brand has to align with what Life in Riga stands for. We reserve the right not to respond to proposals, which aren’t a good match, e.g. online gambling and stag party organisers.

We Reserve the Right Not to Respond to Certain Emails

We’re not qualified to give financial or legal advice nor can we provide information on, or recommend firms for complex processes like business registration, banking or tax. Also, please don’t email us about rental apartments in Riga.

We’ve provided a resources page to help you find more information about some of the areas that we don’t cover.