Moving To Latvia From Lithuania: Viktorija’s Story

Viktorija is from Lithuania, has lived in Denmark and New Zealand but now lives in Riga with her Latvian husband. They didn’t expect to end up here but a series of events lead to the unexpected. We caught up to talk about her experience of life in Riga. So, what lead to your decision to […]

Moving To Latvia From Italy: Giulia’s Story

Giulia is Italian and moved to Latvia to improve her Russian language skills at Durbe Russian Language Academy and through using the language in everyday situations. She’s lived in Riga for four months and feels that that’s enough time to get to know a country, its people and their habits. We caught up to speak […]

Moving To Latvia From The Netherlands: Rick’s Story

Rick is from the Netherlands but has called Latvia his home since 2012. We met to speak about his big move and the experiences he’s had so far adapting to life in Riga, from co-founding the food delivery company Ēst – to navigating the dark and daunting corridors of a local hospital. Reasons for […]

Moving To Latvia: Māra & Daniele’s Story

Māra is a Latvian who identifies herself as a third culture kid. Daniele is Italian. They met while working in Brussels and now call Latvia their home. Our entire conversation was in Latvian, it’s taken Daniele just one year to learnt it fluently. Kudos! We spoke about the practical and emotional aspects of moving to […]

How To Register Your Business In Latvia: Alex’s Experience

Please note, this article is a personal account of registering a business in Latvia in 2015! It should help you get a rough idea of the processes you’re likely to face. Registering as self employed or setting up your own business is never going to be the simplest of processes anywhere in the world, and […]

Useful Addresses In Riga: For Renovating Your Home

Renovating a property in Rīga? You’ll find there are a whole host of massive hardware stores for pretty much everything, as well as smaller specialist shops for articles like sink fittings and paint. If you live out of town and don’t have access to a bricks and mortar store, there are also a number of […]

Buying Property In Latvia: Lelde’s Story

Buying property in Latvia. Or things that I’ve learned while trying to find my ideal property in Riga and buying it. No one property purchase is ever quite the same and purchase agreements vary greatly, so be advised this is not a foolproof guide! However, I do believe this information will come in handy to […]

The Weather In Latvia

There is a wonderful phrase in Scotland that we use when it’s cold. When the wind blows a howling gale through the streets, when the rain lashes down and when the temperature dips below zero, as it so often does in winter. “It’s absolutely Baltic today” It was a phrase that I would often use, […]

Neighbourhoods in Riga: Ziepniekkalns, Pļavnieki, Avoti

Three Riga locals share their insights on what life’s like in the neighbourhoods of Ziepniekkalns, Pļavnieki and Avoti. Excellent for anyone planning to move to Riga or a new place in the city. If you’re ready to take the leap and “test drive” one of these areas, AirBnb is a brilliant option. Get 30 EUR […]

Seeing A Doctor In Riga

There are many excellent Latvian doctors, but sadly the low pay and archaic health care system seems to fail them, so our young talent is increasingly being poached by Germany, Norway and other countries that can offer better working conditions. No doubt affected by this trend, as well as other factors like inadequate pensions, the […]