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Why Is Latvia Whining About Refugees?

It is both astonishing and embarrassing that we live in a country where the majority of politicians (Harmony party aside) are against accepting a quota of refugees affected by the Mediterranean crisis. I find it depressing that Latvian politicians can be so stubborn and ignorant. It reeks of Soviet-era mindset and sadly reinforces tragic stereotypes. […]

Latvia In Photos 02

It’s been over a year since our first “Latvia In Photos” post, so we felt it was probably time we had another round of images for you. From last Winter’s “chain of books” event, to a recent spring day in Liepāja, here’s a few images to show you it’s not all Riga’s old-town and the […]

How To Register Your Business In Latvia: Alex’s Experience

Please note, this article is a personal account of registering a business in Latvia in 2015! It should help you get a rough idea of the processes you’re likely to face. Registering as self employed or setting up your own business is never going to be the simplest of processes anywhere in the world, and […]

Laimīgu Jauno gadu! (Happy New Year)

I don’t know if it’s just me, still high off the rum-infused fumes of Christmas pudding, but it strikes me that “laime” or “prieks” (happiness) is most certainly in the air now that we’ve hit 2015. Despite the crisp, biting -10 (feels like -16) temperatures outside, I continue to experience little nuggets of happiness during […]

Latvians & Mushrooms – A Not-So-Secret Love Affair

Anyone who is privileged enough to be friends with a Latvian or two on Facebook may have noticed that over the past month, the usual slew of cringe-inducing baby photos, screaming goat videos and ice-bucket mishaps were replaced by unfathomable mountains of mushrooms, hand-picked, fresh and displayed in various assortments, next to proud pickers with […]

16 More Amusing Uses of English in Latvia

Our latest linguistic findings in Latvia. I’ve lost count of the amount of times native English speakers have visited and suggested that someone could make a fortune helping out establishments with spelling and grammar. The thing is, nothing’s perfect. Not only that but then we’d have to make our own humour when going out for […]

How To Drive Like A Latvian

Latvian drivers are some of the best drivers in the world. After all, what other country can boast the highest car crash fatality rate in the European Union with 222 people killed per 1 million inhabitants? Where else can you find 4,674 traffic collisions, 525 fatalities and 3,925 injured people per year? That’s got to […]

The Weather In Latvia

There is a wonderful phrase in Scotland that we use when it’s cold. When the wind blows a howling gale through the streets, when the rain lashes down and when the temperature dips below zero, as it so often does in winter. “It’s absolutely Baltic today” It was a phrase that I would often use, […]

Linda Araja – Humans Of Latvia

Linda Araja is the photographer behind Humans of Latvia. Inspired by the Humans of New York photography project Linda can occasionally be found wandering the streets looking for people to take pictures of. I took some time to have a chat with her about the venture, and how she feels about it. Hello Linda, has […]

Latvia In Photos 01

It’s all fine and dandy writing all these informative posts about bank accounts, what to get at the supermarket, and which forms to fill out when you visit the PMLP but there is also a lot to be said about appreciating the aesthetic side to Latvia. Almost half of the country is covered in forest […]