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How Latvians Earn A Living

Three conversations and events inspired this post… Then, a colleague told me a fourth story about a taxi driver that really drove the point home and made me want to write about the mad ways in which Latvians earn a living. 1) Recently, a Riga citizen journalist reported a police raid on a number of […]

Latvians & Mushrooms – A Not-So-Secret Love Affair

Anyone who is privileged enough to be friends with a Latvian or two on Facebook may have noticed that over the past month, the usual slew of cringe-inducing baby photos, screaming goat videos and ice-bucket mishaps were replaced by unfathomable mountains of mushrooms, hand-picked, fresh and displayed in various assortments, next to proud pickers with […]

16 More Amusing Uses of English in Latvia

Our latest linguistic findings in Latvia. I’ve lost count of the amount of times native English speakers have visited and suggested that someone could make a fortune helping out establishments with spelling and grammar. The thing is, nothing’s perfect. Not only that but then we’d have to make our own humour when going out for […]

How To Drive Like A Latvian

Latvian drivers are some of the best drivers in the world. After all, what other country can boast the highest car crash fatality rate in the European Union with 222 people killed per 1 million inhabitants? Where else can you find 4,674 traffic collisions, 525 fatalities and 3,925 injured people per year? That’s got to […]

Linda Araja – Humans Of Latvia

Linda Araja is the photographer behind Humans of Latvia. Inspired by the Humans of New York photography project Linda can occasionally be found wandering the streets looking for people to take pictures of. I took some time to have a chat with her about the venture, and how she feels about it. Hello Linda, has […]

Clothes Shopping In Riga

Just like any European capital city, Riga has its fair share of generic high street stores including the likes of Zara, Oasis and Bershka. To the delight of many, 2019 saw the arrival of &Other Stories. FYI, Riga doesn’t have any Primark stores. Any bags you see have been imported. To spend your evening or […]

How To Piss Off A Latvian

With bloggers recently feeling the touchy sides of the Dutch and Singaporeans, there seems to be a minor web trend informing expats on how not to behave like cultural cretins. If you know what’ s good for you, don’t tell a Dutchman he’s from Holland, and that shtick about chewing gum is getting stale down […]

How To Survive Winter In Latvia

When I was growing up, we spent countless New Year’s Eves mucking about in the knee-deep snow in the countryside. These days, we’re lucky to get a few days of such beautiful winter weather each year. Undeniably, winters are getting milder and kicking in later, with snow becoming a rare delight. But, come November, temperatures […]

Being Vegetarian In Latvia: Easy Or Not?

Latvia has long been a meat-loving nation and many menus reflect this love of meat. I’ve had many disappointing experiences of being stuck with bland risotto, soggy eggplant and undercooked chunks of cheese. However, the last few years have brought positive change! Being vegetarian in Latvia is actually now a joy. And we’re not just […]

16 Amusing Uses of English in Latvia

No blog aimed at expats would be complete without a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour about the host country’s nationals and their grasp of foreign languages. So, here goes! We present a small collection of Baltic English pearls which we sure found amusing (plus a bonus gem from Alex’s recent trip to Poland). “Lens soup” – […]