Moving to Latvia – A Checklist & Simple Process

I moved to Latvia from the UK (Scotland specifically) a few months ago, and I felt a few points in the process were worth noting for people who are thinking about doing the same. This guide should help those who feel they would like to relocate to Latvia. It’s not a post to convince you […]

Registering As Living In Latvia – Latvian Residence Permit

Disclosure: This article was written in 2013. You may also want to read Tabatha Soltay’s 2019 step-by-step guide to applying for a residence permit. — When I first got to Latvia, I wrongly assumed that one of the most difficult things for me to do would be to register myself as living here. It seemed […]

Prices In Latvia

Whenever a “Western” friend visits Latvia, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the words “oh my gosh this is so cheap” escape their mouths at some point. Pints of beer, ice creams, meals out, cinema tickets, public transport fares and similar tourist expenses are all branded cheap by these visitors. Sure, this makes for a cheap […]

Speaking English In Latvia

Before moving to Latvia, one of the first questions I wanted to ask as a native English speaker was “Will I be able to get by in Latvia with English?” The answer so far has been yes, but with a few caveats and some useful phrases. First of all, I have a girlfriend who is […]