Best Pizza in Riga

There’s much more to Riga than cheap chain pizzerias! Here are our favourites, which serve what we think is some of the best pizza in Riga. Zefīrs and AOK City are newer places we keep forgetting to take photos of and review! 

Casa Nostra

Elizabetes iela 10b

casa nostra riga

The pizzaiolo is Italian! What more is there to say. Well actually – lots. Casa Nostra feels like a much-loved family home, so much effort has been invested in getting the feel and food just right. No wonder it’s been picked up on by Latvia’s food bloggers. Be sure to book a table to avoid disappointment.

Street Pizza

Meža iela 4a

street pizza
Head on over to one of the prettiest streets in Riga’s suburb of Āgenskalns on the left bank of the river Daugava. No crazy or unconventional toppings here, just quality sourdough with classics including chunky forest mushrooms and burratta. Get a table with a view of the famous pink Orthodox church. (Thanks to Street Pizza for the pic!)

Kafe Circus 

Cēsu iela 20 

kafe circus pizza riga

Super thin base, rich toppings and doused in truffle oil.


Āgenskalns market, Nometņu iela 64

pizzeria in riga agenskalns

The Riga outpost of a family-run pizzeria in a rural part of the Vidzeme region. Inspired by Italy. Served in the glorious setting of the revamped Āgenskalns market. By day, the market is bustling with locals doing their shopping. At night, it becomes a popular hangout for food and drinks.

Picas meistars

Kuģu iela 11 and Baznīcas iela 24

picas meistars pizza in riga
Now serving both sides of the river (and Ogre)! So happy the owners decided to expand to the centre of town after the obvious success of their Pārdaugava branch just opposite the National Library. Fantastic fresh pizzas with creative toppings for carnivores and vegetarians. Expect Latvian toppings like dill and gherkins on some of them!

I am distraught at their decision to take the vegetarian pizza with chutney off the menu.

Da Sergio

Tērbatas iela 65 (entrance on Matīsa iela)

dasergio riga
Pizza from a proper wood-fired oven and house wine served in a carafe – Da Sergio’s certainly got a very Italian feel to it. In summer, you can enjoy your meal on the outdoor patio.


Strēlnieku iela 11

piranija pizza in riga
Piranija has, quite possibly, the longest pizza menu in Riga, and some toppings are more authentic than others. The owner spent time living in Italy, brought the pizza dough recipe back with him and opened shop in 2006. Apparently, he’s also into extreme sports hence the wakeboards and kiteboards stuck up on the walls. Best overlook the strange décor!


Liepājas iela 76

bulka riga
Bulka is among my top three favourite cafes in Riga, scoring top points for food, service, décor and atmosphere. You would never expect to find a place like this in a glorified suburban shed, but there it is, right next to a Maxima supermarket.

Here, pizza is made on a sourdough base and is served from Wednesday to Saturday, in the evenings. I advise being very hungry so that you have space for dessert. Bulka make some of the most amazing cakes and pastries in Riga. And you have to buy a loaf of bread for breakfast the day after. I’d be a much more regular visitor if I had a car, and I’d probably be a lot bigger, too.

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