Readers’ Choice: 12 Best Places To Buy Fresh Bread In Riga (Updated in 2023)

fresh bread in riga

As more and more of us begin to pay attention to what we put into our bodies, smart-thinking entrepreneurs have been quick to respond. A new wave of bakeries is promoting healthy, natural bread made from the heart using hand-picked ingredients. Their loaves come packed with seeds, brimming with beetroot or wheat-free and are more likely packaged in paper bags than wrapped in plastic. These newbies accompany old favourites which have been crowd-pleasing since the 90s.

Ever curious to discover new businesses, I turned to my readers on Facebook and asked where they get their gluten fix. Voila. Here are the 12 best places to buy fresh bread in Riga according to me and Life in Riga’s readers. There’s a gluten free bakery in the shortlist, too!

So, whether you prefer rye, sourdough or quinoa, Riga’s got you covered for maize – not to be confused with corn. Please consider tipping Life in Riga in exchange for the tips on where to buy fresh bread in Riga.


Katkevich is awakening Riga’s beautiful but forlorn Maskačka or Moscow District. It’s great for bread, ice cream and all day breakfast. The head baker experiments with ingredients like beetroot and spinach to achieve pink and green bread.

Better Bread

Run by a couple on a mission to prove gluten isn’t the only way. Alternative flours like quinoa, rice and buckwheat take centre stage here. This is a 2020 newcomer which is coping well with the crisis onset by Covid-19.

Street Pizza

Baked in a wood-fired oven. Best enjoyed drizzled in olive oil. A lovely reason to visit one of the prettiest streets in Riga complete with a pink church. Also great for pizza.


Absolute killer almond croissants and eclairs. Fresh selection of artisan bread every day. Yet another gourmet go-to on the stretch of Dzirnavu iela between Kr. Valdemāra iela and Strēlnieku iela.

Recommended by Linda Tellgrena of Latvia’s top food blog


So popular it has four outposts. Go for lunch or coffee and grab a loaf to go.

Foxy’s Bake Shop

Crunchy and loaded with seeds. Beautiful, too, with the signature print.

Franču Maize

A favourite of my mum’s. She’s the one who taught me to appreciate food! This vintage patisserie is proof that you should never judge by appearance. The fact that it’s lasted so long means people go there for a reason. They bake their own baguettes and ciabattas.

Troubadour Gourmand

For a taste of France. Also, Troubadour’s baguettes are a good base for the popular lašmaizīte (open sandwich with salmon, onion and dill).


Think crisp baguettes and San Francisco sourdough. M’archers is a true deli. Located on one of Riga’s poshest streets in the company of a champagne bar, cocktail bars and Art Nouveau.

Recommended by Linda Tellgrena of Latvia’s top food blog The baguette in the header of this article is from M’archers.


The owner believes that bread should be both healthy and tasty, so she bakes with ingredients like buckwheat, oats and seeds. Order online or drop by Kalnciems Quarter for the Saturday farmers’ and crafts market where you’ll also find farm-baked bread.

Salas Maize

Nothing more than rye bread, banana bread and crackers. Baked in Riga near the Mols shopping centre and Depo hardware store on Krasta iela. Buy direct from the bakery. No frills.

Cadets de Gascogne

Real French baguettes.


Lengthening the “gourmet mile of Dzirnavu iela” with its location in a newly revamped post-industrial quarter between Kr.Valdemāra and Skolas iela. Headed up by a chef with Michelin experience.

Map of Bakeries in Riga

I’ve put together a map of bakeries in Riga to help you navigate. I keep this updated with new places, so you will see more names than on this list. Enjoy!

If you found this post insightful and bought fresh bread in Riga after reading it, say thanks by tipping Life in Riga! I pledge to continue eating my way around Riga and sharing my findings. Together we can support small businesses.

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