Latvia In Photos 01

It’s all fine and dandy writing all these informative posts about bank accounts, what to get at the supermarket, and which forms to fill out when you visit the PMLP but there is also a lot to be said about appreciating the aesthetic side to Latvia.

Almost half of the country is covered in forest which often extends on to our pretty beaches. We have beautiful rivers that meander from one end of the country to the other. There are gorgeous buildings galore both within and outside of the city limits. These things and more really just scratch the surface of Latvia’s visual attraction.

So with all this in mind, I’d like to start a recurring feature showcasing photos of some of the places we’ve been enjoying in Latvia. For the first post, I’m going to take the opportunity to showcase 10 photographs I personally took since arriving here almost a year ago. Many of these were taken last summer so you know the type of thing you can look forward to in the upcoming months!











If you take pictures, and would like to submit a suggestion, please get in touch, and we’ll consider it for the next batch.

Recognise any of these places? Show off what you know in the comments section below!

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