16 More Amusing Uses of English in Latvia

Our latest linguistic findings in Latvia.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times native English speakers have visited and suggested that someone could make a fortune helping out establishments with spelling and grammar. The thing is, nothing’s perfect. Not only that but then we’d have to make our own humour when going out for dinner and where’s the fun in that?


Fast offer: Menu is translated within 15 minutes of the order is accepted.


Also available: freezing card, brisk parchment and nippy papyrus.

I tell you what though, there’s nothing like the taste of “mozzarella” cheese.


You get to eat your chicken straight out of that crazy Mr Wang’s mouth.


I’m on a seebass diet. I see bass and I eat it… see bass? see… Oh never mind.


Food served by friendly stuff. Bar manned by happy things, and at reception you’ll be greeted by something or other.


I’d have expected a glut to be more expensive than that.


Cooked by “monsieur” Dave.


Stk it in the ovn and beik it pls. Thks.


Advertising exec 1: “You know what we’ve not used herbs for yet??”


Numbers 3 to 8 need not exist if instead you have visitor’s puppy (and a kitten – not mentioned). The perfect centrepiece for your guest bedroom, will obviously make all visitors feel like they’re in the comfort of their own home.


“Sell the kittens!!!” she shouted across the exhibition centre. “Find out how I used ‘selling kittens’ to make money!!!” she continued. “Just enter your email address here and I’ll send you my free PDF on how to sell kittens!!!”


May contain my mother’s tongue. Wait… Mother-tongue… or is it language? Either way, it’s language in jelly which is probably why they weren’t able to get at it so they could finish this package design.


They’ve been selling this stuff since 1984 alongside the popular “End the Mexican drug-war potatoes”. Both come with a choice of either “Insurgent Seasoning” or “Syria sauce”.


I don’t know what kind of peas they have in your country, but we have various peas. Don’t ask what types, because there’s lots. A variety you might say. Let’s just leave it at that.

Bonus linguistic fun

Alex’s recent trip to Prague found him face-to-face with “BUM”.


And Lelde was checking out weenies in Budapest.


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